Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prepping and Preparing

Last night I was looking at online seed catalogs and found that many of them are selling ‘Survival Seed Packages’. I’m pretty sure these are the same ones that used to be marketed simply as ‘Complete Vegetable Garden Packages’. I also saw the same thing on Ebay when I searched for seed.

This got me to thinking about just how drastic everyone’s outlook has been changing. About how what we are doing here on our place is giving us an advantage in an unforeseen future. About how something that we find so gratifying and enjoyable could end up holding our family through some very hard times later on.

Many people believe that Obama is intentionally destroying our great country. I don’t think it’s intentional, but I do believe that it is being destroyed. I think that TIIC are power drunk and grasping anyway they can to leave their mark. I don’t like it when dogs leave their mark, what makes the beaurocrats any better? Our economy is collapsing under us and it is getting worse by the minute. Unemployment is up, federal spending is through the roof and seems to be increased almost daily, the markets are down and there is no end in sight. They just keep cranking out more cash at the mint and throwing it at the problem.

For many, all of this means finding alternate ways of doing things. It has created huge change in millions of households. It means growing your own gardens, finding alternative energy sources, recycling the old into new. It means canning, freezing, and dehydrating. It means raising animals for food when possible. And surprisingly, more and more are doing these things without any acreage at all.

I firmly believe that learning all of these skills now and applying what you can, before you find yourself in a bind, is necessary. Some may think I sound like a fanatical nut job, but how can preparedness be any kind of a disadvantage? If our economy were to recover tomorrow, and all were to be plentiful for everyone, I would still enjoy my garden and the animals. I would still take comfort in knowing that I have a year’s supply of food packed away and enough stores and stock to produce several more years worth. I would still find pleasure in tinkering on something, in order to find its new use. I would still enjoy sharing all of these things with my kids while they are young and still full of wonder.

On the other hand, if the economy keeps slipping, we will be ready. We will have a plan. We will be able to feed our family. And along the way, we have met many very nice people that have brought small community back into their lives. Either way, we won't have to worry about it as much as if we hadn't strived to be more self-reliant

God Bless!

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