Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Rain-a-Cometh

Kirsten told me it was raining cats and frogs outside today. When I told her that the phrase was 'cats and dogs' she reminded me that we weren't allowed to have a dog for a while. I reminded her that she couldn't have a frog either. That is when I was told that I didn't have too much of a choice, since they show up wherever they please. Oh, that very clever girl!

I got my rabbitry cleaned out today, with Shy's help. Who knew a six-year-old girl could be so helpful when it comes to rabbit poop. She told me all she knew about soil and fertilizer, and I shared a good bit of my knowledge with her as well. She tells me every time she helps out there that she will own rabbits when she is an adult too.

I am truely looking forward to them learning about gardening this year. I plan on setting up a small area in the garden for each of the girls to tend and let them choose what they would like to grow. Helping in the main area will give them a sense of satisfaction, but having something they do themselves will give them a sense of accomplishment.


  1. Lol on the raining cats and frogs thing! She is smart! I love the idea of them having their own garden. I had planned to do that last year, but never did. Life got in the way.

  2. I used to help in the garden, one of my first memories involves weeding carrots, they were about an inch high. I pulled'em all, took out about a twenty foot row. Man was I proud, I ran and got Grandma to show how well I had done. She was gracious about it and never embarrassed or scolded, we just replanted and the lesson was learned.

  3. Some of my fondest memories are being taught to garden by my grandmother. She gave me a small patch, just as I intend to with my girls and was very patient with me as I learned to tend carrots, radishes, and sun-flowers.

    I still look back at those wonderful memories when I'm out working in the garden.