Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Project Complete...Almost

Yesterday, I took the girls and a friend of mine down to Medford to pick up some rabbit food. It's a long drive, but when you're getting 1,000# of feed it's not too bad. I also got to pick up 20# of hamburger from a wonderful lady that wants some of my rabbits. She works in an antique store down there and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to browse. I also picked up all of my hog panels for the pig pen. Anyway, we didn't get home until 8:00 last night and it was raining. Putting the rabbit feed in trash cans had to wait until this morning.

After Chris helped me get the feed into the shop and scooped into the cans, I went to work on our new composter. I started it last Sunday but didn't get too far. Today, I got it finished. I still have to finish the water-proofing, but the building is done. I'm not one of those proud people that likes to toot her own horn, but I was proud as a peacock with this thing. The only thing I had any help with was cutting the 4x4's. Cutting everything else, nailing, yada yada...all me. I think it came out really well. It's 12' long and 3' deep, built using 2x6 and 2x4 with each outer corner being a 4x4.

Looking at it in the shop all finished reminds me of the man who built a boat in his basement and couldn't get it out. In my defense, Chris said to build it in there so that I could get it stained even if it was raining. He has this blind faith in the old Allis Chalmers out there. According to him it can do or move anything (and so far it has). We shall see. I may be composting in his work-shop come spring. Doesn't leave me much room for the next several projects though!

The very beginning. Excuse the mess!

What a helper! That's about as far as last weekend got me.


Hopefully the deck sealer will be a little added protection.

Not too bad for a

God Bless!


  1. Nice job! I love working with wood. Love power tools (have my own ...hehehe). Love the smell of sawdust. I used to help my dad build things. Hopefully one or more of your girls will follow in your footsteps with tackling big projects like this. It's empowering, isn't it?

  2. It really is! I did go out and buy my own circular saw and drill when I built the rabbit hutch. I figured it would go quicker than waiting on my husband to get home with his, and gave me a feeling of independence. Every time I do something big like this I tell the girls how great it is when you can do something without having to worry about someone being there to help and the feeling to come with it. There are so many reasons to do it yourself!

  3. Nice job, it's always good to see someone buck the "Oh you can't do that" trend. It's amazing how much material it takes to fill those things.