Monday, May 3, 2010

I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I've posted anything! I've been super busy around here. I knew that as soon as we started homeschooling it would get even busier, but wow! I still don't think I would have it any other way. I had a friend tell me last night that I seem happiest when I'm working, and I'm pretty sure she's right!

About a week and a half ago, I read a CraigsList ad with six 10'x20' shelters for a great deal, so last weekend we went and disassembled them all. That was a huge undertaking!!! The people that we got them from had just sold of their herd of goats that they were using them for and it was a maze of pallet walls in them.

On Saturday, I got two of them set up, end to end, and yesterday I got all of the rabbits out of the shop. It sort of looks like Barnum and Bailey landed in my field. I had Chris cracking up, as I hummed circus tunes all weekend. I had it in my mind that the moving and arranging cages part would be easy peesy, but no such luck. I also turned one of my large banks of cages into a double cage for the fryers. I'm so glad to have them in their new homes!

On Friday, I took a trip to Medford and picked up 4,000 lbs. of rabbit feed for many of the breeders in the area. I felt so much better having another 1,000 lbs. in the shop before I got desperate and ran out!

Last Monday we had winds of 40mph and it took out part of my greenhouse. I still haven't gotten it put back together, but that should get done this week, if it stops raining again. The really stinky part is that I had finally gotten all of my seeds planted. They're safe, but still!

The chickens finally got let out of their coop. They seem to love their new found freedom, but only by about 10'. The only time they will venture any farther than that is to run straight to me when they see me with the feed scoop. I need to get the inside of that coop finished soon.

The goats are doing awesome! Latte has put on a lot of weight and you can't tell that she was ever malnourished. I'm starting to think that Pudding will never get it back but she seems happy and healthy none the less. The little bucks are wonderful, and I don't know at this point if I'm going to be able to eat them. I'm starting to think that I should sell them, just to recoup some of my costs. I thought about keeping one of them to breed Latte back to, but I've heard bad things about bucks and don't think I want to go there.

My next big step is to get the hog pen up and situated. I have most of the lumber to build their house and all the material to build the pen. It should go fairly smooth. Let's hope so, since I only have until the end of the month to get it done!

As soon as this rain lets up, I will take some pictures of how everything is shaping up. Until then, God Bless!