Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today was a very lazy day around here. Haily wasn't sick, but wasn't feeling well either. I hope the stomach flu isn't coming back around for her. Most of the day was spent planning out how I was going to build the chicken coop and the pig pen. I have my ideas all drawn up and my materials list made now. I asked Chris his opinions on all of it and where he thought we should put everything, but beyond that I want to do this myself. I'm the one that will be caring for the animals and I really do enjoy doing things like that. Our chicken tractor came out well...except I forgot to put a door on the run part and could only open the coop part for a while. Live and learn. Oh, and I guess I did end up with 6 roosters out of the 6 chicks that I bought. Live and learn.

Anyways, I will be purchasing all of my lumber at the beginning of next month and will post pics as I go along. I'm very excited to get all of this going. I still haven't decided if I want to purchase pigs from the livestock auction or locally. $20 vs. $80-100. Knowing what you're getting vs. ??? I'm going to try not to use this as another live and learn experience.

Since, really, I had nothing worth reading tonight I thought I would post these pictures of this evenings beautiful sky. I tried to capture it from my front porch, but I still don't fully understand all of the doo-hickeys on my camera so they aren't the greatest. It's usually just set on motion for the kiddo's pictures.

God Bless!

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