Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wasted Time

On Thursday, I got to take the girls to their first homeschool skate. They had a ton of fun! I think they spent more time on the floor than standing on the skates, but can't wait until they get to go back next month. Haily fell and boogered up her face some, but it looks like she's going to survive.

We left the skating rink and made a beeline to Medford. Chris has been down there working all week and the girls wanted to see him. I was pretty excited about it too! A hotel room, dinner out, and a fun trip to Science Works the next day. The best part was having someone reliable to come care for the animals while we were gone.

So here's where the wasted time comes in. The plan was to check out Science Works until lunch, go eat, and then drive home. Unfortunately, I got the stomach flu. I still took the kids to have their fun. I had promised after all. But we didn't get to stay long. I HAD to go. Driving two-and-a-half hours with the flu turns out to be a pretty cruddy experience.

We got home early enough that I could have gotten tons done, but it wasn't happening. I was sick all day yesterday, and again, nothing got done. In fact, it was bad enough that Chris ended up taking care of all the critters. That is wasted time. I absolutely hate being sick! I have too much to do without taking time out.

I made up for some of it today though. I sold some rabbits, picked up a bale of hay (getting 10 more tomorrow), ordered 3 pigs (Hamp/York cross) to be ready the first week of June, went to the dump, and did the grocery shopping.

This week will be our first fully packed homeschool week, so I am hoping that it goes smoothly. I also hope that the weather will hold out. This is the beginning of spring. I still have to build the chicken coop, start my seeds, butcher some bunnies, on top of trying to keep the house running. I know I can do it, I just hope I can figure out my juggling act fast enough to get it all done soon.

Take Care and God Bless!


  1. I'm sorry you had the flu, but glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you more than made up for lost time. There will be sick days ...for all of you. I bet when Chris or one of the girls is sick, you don't worry about wasted time. You just tend to them until they're feeling better and get on with it. Cut yourself some slack, girl!

  2. If I give myself an inch, I'll take a mile. You're right though. If someone else gets sick, I don't consider it wasted time. Chris will tell me sometimes that I need to slow down, but there are those times that I sit like a lump. Those are the times I have to scurry to make up for. lol Maybe, what I really need is balance?

  3. We all need balance ...I think we're all a work in progress in that regard. Keeping your balance in life is like keeping your balance on a bicycle ...the minute you stiffen up, you're more likely to have a mishap. You have to adjust the wheel and your weight in response to the road constantly or you will surely crash.

    Well in the same way, we need to adjust our wheel (our direction/focus) and our weight (the amount of time/effort we expend) pretty much constantly in life or things get out of whack. The exception to the rule on bicycles is the stationary exercise bike but those aren't near as much fun 'cause you don't get anywhere! Ha!

  4. You may find something useful here;

  5. Thanks, Gary. I checked it out and it is a wealth of information. It will take me a long time to go through it all, but I'll definitely enjoy it.