Sunday, March 28, 2010

More on Rabbits

Since all I have done is live, eat, and breathe rabbits this weekend, it seems fitting to do one more post on them. I went yesterday to pick some of them up. In preparation for this many more rabbits, I decided to 'make my job easier'. I cut the tops of all my water bottles so that I could just fill them with a hose without pulling the whole thing down. I didn't know that the drinker valves needed the pressure to keep from leaking. Oh, dear! The water was pouring out of them as fast as I could pour it in. Luckily, we scrounged up enough used water bottles to get through the night. This is only a temporary fix, since the bottles are pretty small. This may just put me a little closer to an automatic waterer. door closes and another opens.

Here are some pics of what I bought. This nowhere comes close to all of it, but it is a good start. I also have 5 more does with litters to bring home. Until the new rabbit shed gets here, I am at full capacity. In fact, quarters are very cramped right now!

The backside of the shed I built.

The front of the shed. I built the cages as well. I should have built the 'poop-shoots' with more of a slope, but live and learn. We used some of the corrugated pvc to put a roof between the two. It does make it nicer in the rain. I just took the tarps down yesterday. We had the entire thing enclosed to make a big shed and hung a shop light in the center.

This is Esme.

Esme's litter.

This is my new Flemmish Giant doe. She is pedigreed and will be bred once she is settled in a bit more.

My new NZR buck.

My NZR doe. Please excuse the mess in the background. This side of the shop has turned into mine, but I have so much stuff in there that I can't get it cleaned out.

God Bless!!!


  1. Beautiful bunnies! I used to raise rabbits when I was in high school ...oh so long ago. Ha! I had NZW mostly, one NZR and two Netherland Dwarf. I had one dwarf that was leash broke. She would skitter along with me if I walked and sit up like a mongoose when I stopped. One time I had her at the feed store with me and some guy came in with a German Shepherd on a leash. The dog didn't notice the rabbit, but the rabbit noticed the dog. She SHRIEKED and leaped into my arms. Scared all of us ...even the German Shepherd. LOL

  2. I cut the tops of all my water bottles...................Heh, heh,heh, whoops! ;-)

  3. Poop shoots? Thats a good idea...hey, so do you eat the rabbits that are "pedigree"? I mean what would be the point of eating a pedigree rabbit, wouldnt a non pedigree be just as good to eat? Just curious....

  4. What a great set up! I love seeing how creative others get with their animal housing.

  5. Thanks Hillside! If you think that's creative, you should see some of the other fascinating creations around here. The chicken coop should be extraordinary (re-assembled Arrow shed that wasn't assembled correctly in the first place). LOL.

  6. Your rabbits should not be on wire floors like that, its terrible for their feet and can cause sores. The cages they are in are too small and if you are in the UK you would be reported. Disgusting is what you are.