Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Day!

Wow, two posts in one day. Get me started and you just can't shut me up!

I am so excited, I can't hardly stand it. I've been looking for a shed on Craigslist for about a year now, but haven't found anything in my price range. I really didn't want to spend $300 for a metal shed, since I could build something a bit nicer for about the same cost. I wasn't in a huge rush, so it wasn't too big of a deal. Today though, I found an 8'x10' metal shed for $125 (even has the floor). It's in great condition, all we have to do is disassemble and haul...then reassemble, of course.

I bought 18 chickens today and knew that I would need to build a coop right away. Now, I can just put in some roosts and nest boxes and viola, done! I really wanted the shed so that I could expand the rabbitry, but I think I will hold off on the expansion, since there are too many other projects to tend to around here right now.

So, like a said, I bought 18 chickens today. This totally freaked Chris out. I think that with ten cornish crosses and two impromptu turkeys on top of the 18 was overwhelming. He told me that three chickens would have been fine. I told him this was the plan this morning. Listening and hearing are two different things I guess. He couldn't for the life of him, figure out why I would buy turkeys either. We do have about 25 wild turkeys in our field at any given time. I let him know that they were 1/2 price. And there we have it...the eye roll.

I on the other hand am completely satisfied with all of the day's purchases. With what could be coming down the pike out of Washington tomorrow, I feel a little better knowing that we are another step closer to a self-sufficient food supply.

God bless!


  1. I told Jim the next time we go to town, I am buying some chicks!!! But only six... lol

  2. Yum...cornish hens. Oh and Wild Turkeys dont taste that good, domesticated ones do though! I love reading your blog....I so wish we were self sufficient for food. We will be on the veggies and some fruit, but never will be for meat, Im afraid.

    Oh, and you can inform men of stuff all day long sometimes and they swear they have never been told. Its universal, its not just yours.

  3. @ Linda - Ha! I always over do. It is a big headache sometimes and you would think I would learn. One of these days it will bite the mean time...I will eat the extras.

    @ Crys - I prefer domestic turkeys too. Not to mention that going to jail for shooting turkeys out of season would stink.

    I'm afraid too. I always try to leave politics out of things, but there is no skirting the issues anymore. Things are getting so out of control that I can't see any good coming and want so badly to be prepared for the worst. 100% we will never be, but we won't go hungry for a while.