Thursday, February 11, 2010

Regarding My Last Post

My husband read my last post and took a bit of offense to a couple of things. When I explained what I meant, he understood, but told me it was misleading. So, let me clarify. I in no terms meant any disrespect for my husband. He leads my home and I truely do respect him.

When I said that the care of the animals is all on me, that was meant in the sense that I am the one home to take care of them. I'm the one that has started these projects, therefore I feel it is my task to take on and my responsibility. This is what I choose to do. I ask him for his opinions and take them to heart. In the end, we compromise between his visions, my visions, and our convenience.

On to the subject of him helping me...Like I said above, I am the one taking on these projects. He helps me when I ask for it, but I try not to ask too much. He has plenty on his plate without me stopping him all the time. Sometimes this is a bit upsetting to him because he likes to be a part of it and hates seeing me do really heavy stuff. As far as the goats go, he has made it clear that he doesn't want anything to do with owning them. This doesn't mean he wouldn't help me if I asked. It means that I didn't want to ask. Now, I won't turn down help if he offers, but to ask him for help on something he didn't even want in the first place would, in my opinion, be disrespectful.

God Bless!


  1. That was a good post and a good explanation.

  2. Sometimes it's hard to remember that nobody has background info. or can hear my tone when I type. :)

  3. I was Blog hopping and found yours. My husband was not against me geting goats BUT wasnt reall happy about it either.. But was willing to let me try. He raised sheep when he was younger.
    I built first fence and house with out him(that would be why it was very crooked)... But we(my girls, the Goats and I) Eventually won him over! He still makes remarks occasionally picking on me but my herd queen who was one of my first bottle babies absolutely adores my husband. She helped things along..
    Itis hard sometimes to make your true meaning known on the blog or internet in general..
    But he now builds my fence and my shelters and they are Very sturdy!! lol

  4. The guys are our protectors and our providers and our calm harbor in the storms ...sometimes it's easy to forget they have feelings too. I've unintentionally offended my Knight in Shining Armor once or twice and I think it takes longer for me to forgive myself the transgression than for him to forgive me. He always knows it wasn't intentional. We want the guys to see us as more than mere powderpuff window dressing in their lives ...we want to play with power tools and be treated as intelligent thinking persons when we put the car in the shop. Well we need to remember to see the guys as more than gladiators too. Thank God for the softer side of men! : )